Second Round of Financing Expected in Early 2023Especially Welcomes Industrial Investors.

Embrace the Future

XDs vision is to dedicated to providing an extremely reliable and affordable OPA (Optical Phased Array) -based liDAR technology, the ultimate solution for future automated driving. Integration with the FMCW technology, a groundbreaking coherent detection method, facilitates much higher detection sensitivity and accuracy for our OPA liDAR. Realizing mass-production, the revolutionary chip-scale OPA technology will provide a more economical and trustworthy choice for autonomous vehicle sensing. With higher range performance, XDs OPA liDAR sensor aims at a great diversity of applications, including ADAS and robotic vehicles, logistics and smart infrastructure, consumer electronics and many other industries. XD will maintain global competence and keep focusing on unwavering pursuit of cutting-edge liDAR technology, offering safe, efficient, affordable products to our partners and customers.

We welcome like-minded investors with strength and vision. We accept both RMB funds and US dollar funds.

Our second round of financing is expected to start from 15 million RMB, with a valuation of about 100 million RMB.

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